Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray

Holodiscus discolor

Holodiscus discolor is a fast-growing deciduous shrub growing to 5 m tall. Cascading clusters of white flowers drooping from the branches give the plant its two common names. The flowers have a faintly sweet, sugary scent. It bears a small, hairy fruit containing one seed which is light enough to be dispersed by wind.

Holodiscus discolour, is found in a variety of habitats, from wet coastal forests to drier, cooler mountains further inland. It tends to grow in areas dominated by Douglas-fir. The plant is found in areas prone to wildfire, and it is often the first green shoot to spring up in an area recovering from a burn.

Sun zone
Medium sun
Water zone
Medium water
Foliage colour
Bloom colour
Bloom months
Average height
6 ft
Average width
7 ft
Soil needs
Soil Moisture: Moist
CaCO3 Tolerance: Low
Soil Description: Dry to moist, gravelly or rocky soils.
1 Gallon
4 inch
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