Japanese Barberry 'Concorde'

Japanese Barberry 'Concorde'

Berberis Thunbergia 'Concorde'

These tolerate full sun to part shade although foliage colour is always more intense in full sun. They are grown mainly for their foliage. Barberries do well alone as a focal point and also make great sheared hedges. All of the barberries have sharp thorns so be careful when moving, pruning or weeding around them. Pruning can be done almost any time. Although they do flower in the early spring the flowers are not very showy

Concorde has a rounded shape with deep burgundy purple foliage that turns slightly reddish in the fall. A clipping in early spring after blooming, similar to that you would do to a boxwood, keeps Concorde growth dense and rounded.

Sun zone
Full sun
Water zone
Low water
Foliage colour
Bloom colour
Bloom months
Average height
1 ft
Average width
1 ft
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