'Magnus Superior' Coneflower

'Magnus Superior' Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus Superior'

This plant has a narrow leaf, and sports a daisy-like, conical pink/magenta flower in summer, with a scent of honey.

It is  very attractive to butterflies and bees, and makes an extremely attractive cut flower.

It is perfect for the summer flower border, prairie style planting or the dry garden.

It is drought tolerant, but water in the first year until established . It prefers full sun and a free-draining hummus rich soil. If you cut back the stems as the flowers fade, it can encourage a second flush of flowers.

Sun zone
Full sun
Water zone
Low water
Foliage colour
Bloom colour
Bloom months
Average height
30 ft
Average width
2 ft
1 Gallon
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