Contract growing

Contract Growing Option

With an ever-growing demand on our available native plant stock, we are encouraging clients to look at contract growing as a viable alternative to first-come / first-serve (FCFS) orders and purchases. While FCFS works fine for smaller orders or flexible clients able to substitute based on availability, the option of contract growing will help ensure you have the number of desired species to complete a successful habitat restoration project.  We offer this service to help clients receive the species they want when they need them.  From year to year, the demands on plants change. Our stock numbers can be low or out at certain times of the year.  By setting up a contract to grow the native plants you need, you ensure the plants will be available when your project is ready to go.

Contract Growing doesn't happen overnight

As with most living things, nurturing the seedlings to their best health takes time.  We start our seeds naturally using the seasons to help the seeds germinate. Our schedule for growing usually takes 1 year from seed to plug.  Or plug to the gallon.   For more information about the growing times of individual species, please fill out our form below to start the conversation.

Seed Collection

We offer seed collecting services as part of our habitat restoration goals.  We know that certain species will survive better in the biogeoclimatic region in which they grow.  With this intention, we hope to offer the hardiest stock to help make your project a success.

Live Stake Collection

Riparian restoration is a big deal!  With increasing weather anomalies, fires, floods, we are seeing the increasing need for strong biodiversity along with our waterways.  We offer collection services and installation services.  Most commonly used species include willow(ssp), dogwood, and cottonwood.

If you are interested in more information on our contract growing services please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.


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