Native grass seed

Native Grass Seed is sold by the lb or kg. We offer Native grass seed blends specific for your needs.

Native grass species we carry:

Bluebunch Wheatgrass - Pseudoroegneria spicata

Idaho Fescue - Festuca idahoensis

Sandberg's Bluegrass - Poa secunda

​Junegrass - Koeleria macranthra

Sand Dropseed - Sporobolus cryptandrus

Indian Ricegrass - Oryzopsis hymenoides

Rough Fescue - Festuca campestris

Rocky Mt. Fescue - Festuca saximontana


Non-native grasses we carry to use as nurse crops or aid in the early establishment and slope stabilization.

Annual Ryegrass - Lolium multiflorum

Perenial Ryegrass - Lolium perenne

Dahurian Wildrye - Elymus dahuricus

Fall Rye - Secale cereale