About sagebrush nursery

Sagebrush Nursery was started in 1994 after a large BC Gas project along the west shore of Vaseaux lake was initiated. Our original intentions were to house the salvaged plants from the site and replace them after storage over the summer. What was evident to us was that the local plant species of the interior didn't stand up so well to being dug up and transplanted. The survival rates of most species were bismal so the idea of growing native plants for such projects was hatched.

Since that project we have grown to what we are today. Many such projects have come and passed and we have supplied plants to help in the re-establishment of the ecology of the areas affected. The recent push for water conservation in the Interior has also brought a lot of interest to the use of Native plants in residential and commercial landscaping. We are proud to offer our Indiginous plants and a wide collection of drought resistant ornamentals in our retail center.

We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our team along the way and all the support from those using our services.

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Native plant nursery
Native plant nursery
Native plant nursery
Native plant nurseryNative plant nurseryNative plant nursery

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